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Gothamist calls it “almost certainly a Swiftian satire,” but there’s something striking about the Manhattan Airport Foundation’s “plan” to convert New York’s long underused Central Park into the closest in on close-in airports.


There are already aviation buffs out there saying “oh please, oh please” — if only to experience an approach that would rival runway 13 at Hong Kong’s old Kai Tak airport.


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Hi folks. It’s been a while. One reason is that I have switched day jobs! After three happy years as an editor at the American Enterprise Institute, I am now managing editor of Philanthropy magazine, which is published by the Philanthropy Roundtable. The transition and learning curve of the new job have limited my free time for blogging, but I’m ready to dive back in. And I am grateful that I have the freedom to continue writing about aviation policy as a sideline. (As I note on my “About” page, nothing I write here should be construed as an opinion of my employer or any other organization with which I am affiliated.)

Today I have an item on National Journal‘s Transportation Experts blog — have a look.

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